About Accutech

We are partner perfect! It's more than a tagline for us, it's a call to action. Accutech is a wholesale distributor of backup media, imaging supplies, and other related products. Most of the items we sell are commodity type items that you find in most office and IT environments. Our pricing and shipping rates are fantastic but where we really shine is in the way we treat our customers.

We realized early on that, to be successful, we had to provide the very best customer experience.

  Who we are

We are industry veterans. Most of our sales reps have been here for 15+ years. Our staff have the knowledge and experience to help you grow your business.

  What we do

We support a catalog of nearly 15,000 products and provide blind and double blind drop ship services to thousands of customers througout the United States.

  How we do it

Service. It's that's simple. We are able to provide a service level that will rival any of our larger competitors. We have been at it for over 30 years and we have truly perfected our craft!


When it all began...

"Microtech Resources" was founded in 1983 by George DiRado.


Meeting of the minds...

Brian Ross and Wade Runestad were both west coast sales reps for different data media companies. They ran in the same circles and ended up friends. They would ultimately become business partners years later.

Late 80s

Meet Mark!

Mark DiRado took over the reigns at Microtech to move the company in a new direction.


Accutech was born

Brian and Wade launched their new company called Accutech. Accutech was a distributor of data media products. One of the only distributors on the West Coast, at least at that time. It turned out that Accutech was one of Microtech's biggest customers. It was obvious there was quite a synergy between the two companies.


Accutech is re-born!

Mark, Brian, and Wade merged Accutech and Microtech Resources into Accutech Data Supplies, Inc. A new company was born and everyone involved really put in the time to make it happen. Long hours and hard work would help solidify and grow this new enterprise.


Hard work and growth

Accutech grew successfully throughout the 90s following closely the technology trends of the day. The diskettes of the 80s gave way to higher capacity disc and tape products. Accutech also broadened our catalog offering to include other related items such as imaging supplies and computer accessories.

Late 90s

Expansion to the East Coast!

Accutech opened their East Coast Warehouse in Greensburg, Pennsylvania. The addition of this new location allowed Accutech to continue to grow through the next decade.


Bigger and better!

Moore's law tells us that computer speeds double every two years. It turns out that storage capacity and the need for additional capacity was following a very similar trajectory. With the advent and growth of our internet economy the need for storage has been exponentially increasing. Accutech has been on the bleeding edge of backup storage market for over 30 years!

The 2000s

Challenges Ahead!

Our economy took quite a hit with the subprime collapse. The backup tape and imaging supply markets proved challenging to navigate as well. We were able to weather the storm and emerge in a new and growing economy by focusing on what got us here in the first place; hard work, great products, and the best customer experience in the industry!


We're (still) Partner Perfect!

Today Accutech remains one of the largest, privately held distributors of backup media, consumer electronics, and imaging supplies in the United States. Give us a chance to earn your business and you won't be disappointed!