XDCAM, QUAD Layer, 128GB, 240 Min Disc

Manufacturer : SONY
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Marketing Information

The 128GB Quad-Layer Write-Once XDCAM Professional Optical Disc from Sony supports high-speed data transmission and proxy A/V data management. This quad-layer disc holds up to 240 minutes of SD recording at 50 Mb/s speed. Depending on the feature set of your recorder, Professional Disc media can capture a wide range of video formats, including DVCAM and MPEG IMX standard definition, as well as XDCAM HD and XDCAM MPEG HD422. When used with select decks, the entire disc capacity can be used for writing data files of any type. This gives the XDCAM disc format expanded flexibility beyond video content.

Technical Specifications

  • Write Type: Write Once
  • Capacity: 128 GB
  • Maximum Write Speed: 144 Mbps
Net Weight: 0.01 lbs USPS OK
Product Type: XDCAM Professional Disc
Capacity: 128GB

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