Casio, FX-55PLUS, True Fraction Display Teacher Kit, 10/pk

UPC : 079767902995
Manufacturer : CASIO
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Marketing Information

This teacher pack includes ten (10) calculators and one (1) blue CASIO branded fabric carrying case. With Natural Textbook Display™, the fx-55 PLUS introduces learners to fractions, division-with-remainder, and random numbers. Natural Textbook Display presents mixed numbers and improper fractions exactly as they appear on paper, and helps students understand the fundamentals of fractional simplification. The fx-55 PLUS expresses the joy of math through a colorful presentation of functions on the keypad.

Technical Specifications

  • Product features: Non Programmable; Non Graphing
  • Product type: Non Programmable; Non Graphing
  • Number of digits: 10 + 2 digits
  • Liquid crystal display: Natural textbook display; Dot matrix display
  • Key characteristics: Plastic keys
  • Key functions: Negative Sign; Power Off
  • Memory: No. of memory: 1 ; Independent Memory (M+ / M- / STO M / RCL M); Answer Memory; Memory Protection; Reset Function
  • Power supply: Two way Power; Approximate battery life Main 3 years; Auto Power Off
  • Accessories: 10 fx-55 PLUS fraction calculators, Calculator Bundle Bag
  • Display format settings: Number Format: Fix; Number Format: Norm; Toggling Calculation Results (Fraction)
  • Calculation Functions: Basic calculation; Basic Calculation; Bracket Calculation; Degree, Minute, Second (Sexagesimal) Calculations; Reciprocal Calculation; Percent Calculation (scientific calculator function); Pi; Irrational number calculation; Rounding Function (Rnd); Rounding Function
  • Applied calculation: Continuous Calculation; Replay Function; Multi-replay Function; Remainder Calculation
  • Basic functions: Basic Mathematical Functions; Number of Functions : 240; Power Function (Square); Power Function; Exponential Calculation; Simplify
Net Weight: 0.80 lbs USPS OK
UOM: 10/PK
Product Type: Calculator

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